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Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

About 6 summers ago I worked as a Camp Counselor at a Kids Summer Christian Camp. I counseled young girls ages 6 to 15. That summer I heard very heart wrenching stories from little girls who have grown up in horrible families and have been put in very hard situations at such a young age. One thing remained true throughout all of those girls, they were still so joyful despite everything they had gone through. They truly went about life with an attitude of gratitude and were appreciative for the things they did have despite all of the hardships they had dealt with. No one would ever know what they went through because they chose to find joy in even the smallest of things in life and to focus on the good things they did have in their life. Even though I was a teacher to them that summer, they taught me more than I ever could teach them, through the way they lived their life with gratitude & appreciation towards life no matter how bad the cards that they were dealt in their life were.

A part of our human nature is to always want more than what we have, but we should be grateful for what we do have in life. There is so much joy that can be found by truly appreciating the blessings we have in life and starting each day with an attitude of gratitude. Everything and everyone we have in our life are blessings that we shouldn’t take for granted. Every little and big part of our lives is what makes each of our lives special and unique in their own ways. Instead of wishing for more or focusing on the bad, we should cherish the good things we do have every single day. Count your blessings when you wake up and start your day off on a positive note. Then no matter what happened during the day, count your blessings before you go to bed as well and then you will be ending your day on a positive note too. This will be a great reminder everyday to not sweat the little things but to always focus on the good things in your life no matter what.

This is one of the ways I have stayed positive through so many different scenarios throughout my life. Whenever I have came across a road block in my life, I take a step back and simply count all of my blessings. This helps create an attitude of gratitude rather than an attitude of defeat. Having that outlook during tough times is so very important because it gives us the motivation to not give up even when the going gets tough.

Wishing you all the best,

Simply Optimistic Gal

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